Things to do in Juneau: Juneau Food Tours

If this will be your first Spring/Summer in town or even if you’ve lived in Juneau for years, Juneau Food Tours is a fun way to experience many of the amazing foods and history the town has to offer!

Buy tickets and read more about the tours here: 

When: Daily, May 1 – October 1
Time: Times vary, please see calendar
Cost: $129 plus 5% city sales tax
What’s Included: All tastings, a guided walking tour, reusable shopping bag, bottled water
Who: Anyone age 12 and up. Moderate fitness levels are recommended
Capacity: Up to 12 guests per tour
Wear: Light rain jacket recommended and comfortable walking shoes
Weather: Rain or shine, we will dine!
Where: Tour meets at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial (location provided upon ticket purchase)
Dietary restrictions: We will do our best to accommodate dietary needs.
Distance covered: Approximately 1.2 miles



4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Sellers


The countdown has begun! (Well, some of us may have started counting down a while ago.) Only THREE more weeks until SPRING!

Here’s a few tips for spring cleaning and preparing your home to sell it.

#1. Wash the walls using soap and warm water. Dust and grease can stick to walls and make them look dingy over time. 

#2. Take care of any funky smells! Remove everything from your refrigerator and deep clean the inside with baking soda and water for a fresh scent.  Put lemon peel down your garbage disposal and run the disposal for a few seconds. To clean your dishwasher, boil some lemon juice and add it to your dishwasher for a cycle. 

#3. Let the beautiful Spring sun into rooms! Clean all blinds and windows (inside AND outside of windows). Put up light weight/shear curtains to allow more light in (this will make rooms more appealing to prospective buyers!). 

#4. Freshen up around the yard. Give the garage and front doors a good clean by washing them with a rag and soapy water to loosen all the dirt and grime built up over winter and then hose them down with a power washer or strong setting on the garden hose. Clean up any debris around the yard– sticks, trash, etc. left under the melted snow piles. 

Things to do in Juneau!

Mount Roberts Tramway (Juneau, AK).

Juneau has so many fun things to do all year round. Whether you’re an adventurous, outdoor person, or shopping and seeing a play indoors is more your style, there’s  always something to go out and do! Since it’s currently winter, lets focus on some of the fun things you can do during these cold months.

1. Eaglecrest Ski Area: Head up to the mountain for some down-hill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. This is a great family activity and if you’re not feeling up to skiing or snowboarding, they have a great lodge to sit and sip hot coco while the kids burn off some energy!

2. Heli-Skiing: If you’re a little more of an adrenaline junky,  you can take it to the next level by taking a short helicopter ride and ski or snowboard where no one else has! You can do a half-day, full-day or even several day package trips. For more information on heli-skiing, go to .

Eaglecrest Ski Area (Juneau, AK).

3. Juneau Arts & Humanities Council: Juneau has a very rich arts and culture scene. Go to to check out some of the many concerts, plays, and other art events going on around town all year long.

Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

4. Shopping and Dining: Downtown Juneau has an abundance of amazing shops where you can buy hand-made items, clothes, shoes, jewelry, art, and SO much more! The food choices are outstanding and no matter what you’re in the mood for, Juneau has it! Here’s just a handful of the restaurant choices around town .

Downtown Juneau, Alaska.
Downtown Juneau, Alaska.


4 Questions to Ask About the Neighborhood


#1. Is the economy stable? Be sure the property values and average income in the area are rising or at least staying stable. 

#2. Is it a good investment? Ask your realtor about price appreciation in the neighborhood you’re interested in. They may not be able to predict the future, but they can give you a good idea based off of the neighborhood’s history and if a home’s value in the area will grow. 

#3. Do you like what you see? How does it feel to you? Are the houses in the are maintained nicely? Do the neighbors seem pleasant? Pick a nice day and walk around the neighborhood/s you’re interested in to get a feel for how it would be like to live there. 

#4. How’s the school district? If you have children, this is probably one of your number one concerns. Visit the schools in the neighborhood and ask for feedback from friends, family or coworkers who have children enrolled in those schools. A good school district is also great for your resale value!

For more information on finding the perfect house and neighborhood for your family, go to my site .

Things to do in Juneau: Wearable Arts Extravaganza!


What: Annual Wearable Arts Extravaganza

Where: Centennial Hall

When: Sat February 13th @ 8PM
Sun February 14th @ 3PM


The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council presents the 14th Annual Wearable Arts: Reflections. Included in the evening are the fabulous silent auction and performances to raise funds for scholarships, grants and the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

4 Biggest Winter Home Risks



Home fires are the most common during the winter months of December, January and February, but there are several ways to prevent a destructive home fire.

#1. Space Heaters: So many of us own space heaters, but they can be very dangerous if not used safely. Keep your space heater 3+ feet away from anything flammable, always plug directly into the wall outlet (don’t use extension cords), and NEVER go to sleep with the space heater on.

#2. Cooking: Cooking is the #1 reason for home fires year-round and can usually be prevented by never leaving your home while the oven/stove is on and keeping flammable items 3+ feet away.

#3. Electrical Cords: We’re all probably guilty of this one! Don’t overload your extension cords. Make sure your cords don’t feel hot to the touch and if they are, unplug several items. Never run cords under rugs and don’t connect multiple cords to each other.

#4. Fireplaces and Wood Stoves: So many of us have a fireplace or wood stove in our home, but these can be dangerous and cause an unwanted fire if not used safely. Keep all flammable objects 5+ feet away. Remember that just because the fire may be out doesn’t mean embers aren’t still a concern. Embers can smolder for weeks and ignite, starting an unwanted fire. Dispose of the ashes in a metal container and regularly clean fireplaces and flues.

Source: “The Biggest Risk to Your House This Winter,”

What’s new around town? Mid-Winter Vocal Festival Chorus

Looking for something to do with the family now that the holidays are coming to an end? The Juneau Lyric Opera is having a concert this Sunday!
January 03, 2016 3:00 p.m.
$15 General Admission | $10 Senior/Student
Thunder Mountain High School

Juneau Lyric Opera continues its 40th anniversary season celebration with the 27th annual Mid-Winter Vocal Festival Chorus. Conductor Dr. Byron McGilvray, along with pianist/vocal coach Janis Capelle, returns to Juneau to lead this year’s concert.


See more at:

Alaska’s Amazing Home Values!

Are you thinking about moving to Alaska? Or interested in selling your home? According to Alaska economists, statewide wages and value of homes have gone up while the mortgage interest rates have dropped! Alaska’s foreclosure rate is low (around a third of the national rate) and continuing to drop.

“The average price of a home here in Juneau is right about $350,000. This time, the highest average sale price was $370,000 in Anchorage, while Fairbanks was the lowest at just about $240,000.”

To read more, go to .

If you’re interested in selling your home or buying a new one in Juneau, visit my website at and let me help you today!

From One Buyer to Another

Consider these home-buying tips from other consumers—people who recently completed their own real estate transaction—and the suggestions they’d offer to other buyers.

1. Start your search by interviewing several buyer’s agents and checking their references. Make sure you’re working with someone you trust.

2. Market knowledge and experience are important, but the best agent is one who will take the time to get to know you and understand your housing needs, as well as your personality and communication preferences.

3. Your fi rst negotiation is with your agent. Read all agreements and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

4. Take time to do homework on your needs and wants. Get a solid grip on what’s ‘essential’ (whether it’s price, location, certain home features, etc.) versus what’s ‘nice-to-have.’ Your agent will be more successful in helping you find the right home if you’re able to clearly communicate your preferences.

5. Don’t waste your agent’s time viewing properties that might not fi t your needs. For instance, if you’re uncertain about the neighborhood, drive by the home on your own and ask yourself if you’d be happy in this area.

6. The real estate search process can be stressful, but don’t buy a home that doesn’t feel right. After all, this will be your ‘home,’ the place where you’ll be living, eating and sleeping for years to come.

7. Communicate fairly and honestly with your agent. If anything starts going amiss, discuss it immediately. If, for example, your agent seems more attuned to their own home preferences than yours, talk about it right away and revisit your priorities.

8. Respect your agent’s market knowledge and consider their perspectives. Their experience does give them important insights into future resale values, up-and-coming neighborhoods, easy home modifications and other factors that buyers may not be attuned to.


The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is awarded by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC), a subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). To learn more about REBAC and access various home buyer resources, please visit