Things to do in Juneau: Wearable Arts Extravaganza!


What: Annual Wearable Arts Extravaganza

Where: Centennial Hall

When: Sat February 13th @ 8PM
Sun February 14th @ 3PM


The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council presents the 14th Annual Wearable Arts: Reflections. Included in the evening are the fabulous silent auction and performances to raise funds for scholarships, grants and the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.


4 Biggest Winter Home Risks



Home fires are the most common during the winter months of December, January and February, but there are several ways to prevent a destructive home fire.

#1. Space Heaters: So many of us own space heaters, but they can be very dangerous if not used safely. Keep your space heater 3+ feet away from anything flammable, always plug directly into the wall outlet (don’t use extension cords), and NEVER go to sleep with the space heater on.

#2. Cooking: Cooking is the #1 reason for home fires year-round and can usually be prevented by never leaving your home while the oven/stove is on and keeping flammable items 3+ feet away.

#3. Electrical Cords: We’re all probably guilty of this one! Don’t overload your extension cords. Make sure your cords don’t feel hot to the touch and if they are, unplug several items. Never run cords under rugs and don’t connect multiple cords to each other.

#4. Fireplaces and Wood Stoves: So many of us have a fireplace or wood stove in our home, but these can be dangerous and cause an unwanted fire if not used safely. Keep all flammable objects 5+ feet away. Remember that just because the fire may be out doesn’t mean embers aren’t still a concern. Embers can smolder for weeks and ignite, starting an unwanted fire. Dispose of the ashes in a metal container and regularly clean fireplaces and flues.

Source: “The Biggest Risk to Your House This Winter,”

What’s new around town? Mid-Winter Vocal Festival Chorus

Looking for something to do with the family now that the holidays are coming to an end? The Juneau Lyric Opera is having a concert this Sunday!
January 03, 2016 3:00 p.m.
$15 General Admission | $10 Senior/Student
Thunder Mountain High School

Juneau Lyric Opera continues its 40th anniversary season celebration with the 27th annual Mid-Winter Vocal Festival Chorus. Conductor Dr. Byron McGilvray, along with pianist/vocal coach Janis Capelle, returns to Juneau to lead this year’s concert.


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